While others stick to old clichés of being dynamic and creative, we break ranks and convention.

Yes, we break ranks. We cut away the red tapes. We don’t press the panic button when there’s urgent job. We go beyond the battle call. And everyone works like a diligent family. The result: Deadlines met. Fast service. Creative vigour.

But forget about all those superlatives and adjectives. Don’t take our word for it. Just try us once. Pick any services below and see for yourself.

Blazing trails with accommodating facilities

Like the red that represents our fervent passion, our Studio 5.1 suite empowers our audio wizardry within intimate spaces and senses. Imagine no more as we bring into reality 3-D sound quality. These accommodating facilities complement and support all our creative executions, raising the bar of our creative excellence, blazing new trails in audio-visual production!

  • Avid HD OMNI with HD Native
  • Protools 11HD
  • Yamaha MSP5 Studio Monitors and Subwoofer
  • Neyrinck Soundcode for DOLBY E Encode/Decode 5.1 Surround for Broadcasting


  • Advertising Campaign & Strategy
  • Corporate & Marketing Collaterals
  • Print Ads
  • Point of Sales Materials
  • Merchandise
  • Website
  • Menu
  • Digital
  • TV Commercial
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Digital Advertisement
  • Corporate Video
  • Movie Trailers
  • Digital Interactive
  • TV Programme & Documentary
  • TV Promos
  • Music Video
  • Product Video
  • Presentation Video
  • Shortfilm
  • Studio 5.1 (Surround/HD)
  • TV Voice Recording (TVC, Programme, Corporate etc..)
  • TV, Movie & Cartoon Dubbing (Movie/Series/Drama)
  • Radio Commercial
  • Radio Drama
  • Sound Effects
  • Foley Effects
  • Sound Design
  • Jingle