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OSIM : "The Magic of Thank You" campaign

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Asian children are known to be more reserved in their expressions of love to their parents than the West. The stereotype notion is men find it even harder to express these emotions.

To help bring out their inner raw emotions, The Moxim House took up the challenge to promote the world’s first patented Magic Massage Technology, OSIM's "uMagic" chair during Mother's Day and Father's Day. But how did uMagic campaign cast a magical spell and change their mindset? Well, we did it with the "Magic Word of Thank You" strategy.

This strategy encouraged the younger generation to be more vocal – to “surprise and express” their love for their parents for all their unconditional love and sacrifices.

All parents deserved to hear a word of "Thank you" from their children.

Mother's Day: Magic Made Real

Forget about Reza or Copperfield for a while. Now imagine a world-class illusionist with his caressing hands putting his magical works to soothe a parent's mind, body and soul. But in the form of a "chair"! Yes, it’s "Magic Made Real" by OSIM uMagic – a perfect gift for all mothers.

The print campaign used "Magic Made Real" which defined "the magic of touch" in a spellbinding way – featuring a pair of illusionist hands sprinkling stardust of magic transforming into dozens of masseurs caressing the mother’s shoulder.

In the social media campaign, the children sprang a surprise for their mothers with emotional tributes or expressions of love in a pre-recorded video. The mission was to make mothers cry with joy! And the result was magical - over 107,611 views within two weeks in YouTube. By making this tangible, magical massage experience of OSIM uMagic come alive and make mothers feel the love, we won the battle of wits in the marketplace!


Father's Day: A Perfect Treat

The magic continued to make waves during Father's Day. Fathers deserved a perfect magical treat for painstakingly bringing up their children, ensuring a quality life for them. Although it was not easy to give back the unconditional sacrifices of fathers, perhaps a little magic could do the trick. A perfect magical gift – OSIM uMagic was the way for the children to say "Thank You" and made their life complete and perfect.

The print campaign took off with an emotional slice of life featuring a father in the comfort of OSIM uMagic. On the other hand, the social media campaign took on a reverse emotion. Instead of the children expressing their love to their fathers, it was the fathers sharing their emotions behind hidden cameras. We took the children to a quiet room to view the TV featuring their fathers talking about their children. Of course, the children were all surprised and this made them love each other even more! The video garnered a spellbinding figure – 220,033 views within two weeks in YouTube.

Best of all, according to the OSIM regional headquarters, both our Father's Day and Mother's Day videos are the best and the most effective in the use of emotions compared to the videos created by other countries in the region.

And that’s truly magical!