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OSIM : Spellbinding Awareness of Phubbing

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It took more than just magic to create top-of-mind awareness of OSIM uMagic. We ran an awareness campaign about "Phubbing", a new urban term to refer to "snubbing someone in favour of his or her mobile phone". A "phubber" would be constantly checking out things or messaging on the mobile phone while tilting their heads and hunching their bodies. Such habits of phubbing were evident in many places, whether in the restaurant, office or even while walking. Thus, unconsciously, regular phubbing could lead to shoulder and neck ache.

This awareness campaign on the print ad, advertorial and social media including the use of digital video leveraged on the Chinese (Cantonese) trendy word, 低头族 (dai tao zuk). The campaign highlighted the 8 major phubbing symptoms especially to the young working class nowadays and how uMagic could help ease their shoulder and neck pain with its various features and programmes. The digital

video captured all the raw emotions of phubbing which would tug at their heartstrings.

Life is truly complete with OSIM uMagic now!