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ASTRO : Where Respect is Earned

ASTRO : Where Respect is Earned

To be among the panel of authorised vendors of Astro is not an easy feat. As Astro is a leading broadcasting station and content provider offering 179 TV channels to a customer base of 4.6 million or 65% market share of Malaysian TV households, the selection of vendors is very much stringent and of course, only the best agencies who can deliver their demanding needs will make the cut.

The Moxim House is pleased to deliver its promise by giving unsurpassed services and contents and thus, we earned their trust and respect. But as mentioned, it took a lot of sacrifices to be part of Astro panels. Our relationship with Astro went back to year 2007. We led a humble beginning with only a meagre budget project from Astro. But soon, we were able to create promo ads, sponsorship programmes, trailers and other needs that went beyond their expectations. And a new win-win partnership was born. Today, Astro is one of our most supportive clients.

And obviously, no more a meagre budget like before but more!