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EVEREADY : Creating Impact "Inside Out"

EVEREADY : Creating Impact “Inside Out”

It was truly “Eveready for Life” when Eveready Malaysia collaborated with Disney’s Pixar for a cross-promotion of its Eveready products with Disney’s Pixar latest animated movie, “Inside Out” on August 2015.

“Inside Out” broke away from the conventional wisecracking toys and anthropomorphic automobiles by telling the story of an 11-year old girl, Riley coming to grips with her varied emotions in a new city. Whether it was joy, fear, anger, disgust or sadness as the movie suggested, one thing was certain – Eveready got a boost of joy with this joint-promotion which featured trailers, sponsorship programme and nationwide campaign.

The Moxim House created an Eveready branding campaign that met with the strict guidelines of Disney’s corporate identity. The slogan “For the moments you love, quality you can trust” inevitably became the defining moment for this campaign.

Moments to Love with Quality

Eveready creates special moments: A Journey to Cherish, for you and your family. It brings people and their loved ones together, creating a special bond for new memorable moments. One could trust Eveready to safely power up battery-operated devices which give families that additional peace of mind.

It was obviously a moment you will love when you have quality you can trust in your hand. The moments of enjoying a good show and the quality of Eveready to keep your enjoyment going. For Eveready, it is about being there when families need it most. This was the rationale of the slogan. “For the moments you love, quality you can trust.”

Beyond Expectations

To captivate the target audience, a contest as held for two months (1 July – 31 Aug) in conjunction with the debut of the movie, “Inside Out”. The nationwide contest was simple. Participants were required to purchase a minimum of RM 20 worth of Eveready/Energizer products, attach receipt as proof-of-purchase with contest form and tick the correct campaign slogan.

And they stood a chance to win an exciting family holiday for four to the exotic destination of Hawaii for 5N/6D. It would be interesting to note the business ROI exceeded expectations with a 11.4.

Adding Impact

“Eveready Inside Out & Sang Kancil Cari Cahaya” Roadshow was also held in a fun way where participants could pick up Eveready batteries and lights as well as stand a chance to win Inside Out Merchandise or Energizer/Eveready Merchandise (Lunch Box, Gift Set, Plush Toy, Bag Tag, Sonca Light) by participating in Spin the Wheel.

In the social media, the campaign helped create awareness on Eveready’s Brand Health. It kickstarted on the Facebook and generated a total Likes of 1,402 within two months. Although it was quite modest but it had helped in feeding information on Eveready/Inside Out Campaign and Book of Play.