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ENERGIZER : "See & Be Seen" Campaign

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When it came to cycling during the day or night, Energizer set the safety bar high with its new LED Bike Lights equipped with Road Beam Technology which helped illuminate the road without the lights from oncoming traffic. While other brands were either expensive or cheap, Energizer was the perfect choice with its mid-range pricing and without the overglaring of lights!

The Moxim House was tasked to create a strong branding campaign for Energizer LED Bike Lights battery but at a limited budget. So the challenge here was how could we do that in the most cost-effective manner while creating high impact among the target audience which consisted of families and new bikers?

Well, Energizer has been spreading #positivenergy – igniting passion, inspiring people – and why not we all amplify it further with a theme that packed a punch and educate the target audience? Ultimately, “See & Be Seen” became the catchphrase for this campaign.

Igniting Passion, Enhancing Safety

“See & Be Seen” may sound like a science-fiction movie but it was also this buzzword that made Energizer LED Bike Lights a conversation piece among night cyclists in particular. This catchphrase conveyed the double benefits of the product. “See” defined the ability for the cyclists to see much clearly while “Be seen” meant traffic goers could see the cyclist better due to the powerful illumination.

In short, the buzzword captured the superb quality and dual versatility for a safer ride from start to finish. The print campaign used visual that was as catchy as the theme itself with graphic strokes of illumination across the outline of the city landscape.

Illuminating Knowledge about Safety

Poor sightings while cycling could lead to danger. Hence, people must be made aware of the type of lighting and the need to install bike lights – correctly! In the social media campaign, 4 one-minute videos to educate this was uploaded on Facebook. And the thrill of it all – former Asian Games gold medallist cyclist, Datuk Ng Joo Ngan was hands on to teach his daughter about the safety of cycling and Energizer installation!

To give the campaign a boost, a “See & Be Seen” Contest was held on the social media in which the public were requested to share the cycling safety tips online with a picture and wrote the most exciting caption.

Maximising Impact

The “See and Be Seen” contest on facebook fan base grew to an amazing 16,897 Likes within three months from 1 April to 30 June. The page garnered 15,406 new page Likes while 1,491 organic Likes. The interesting part was high engagement was recorded with women aged 25 to 34 years old while men at 35 to 44 years old. The See and Be Seen contest proved to have the highest engagement rate and highest reach – 88%, even in the decrease in ad spend!

The contest was held to encourage people to cycle safely with the use of Energizer LED Bike Light. It was interesting to note that the last phase of the contest period, there were 6,072 fans and our client received 23 entries in spite of the tough contest mechanics. Contestants had proven to still love and make time to showcase their talents and creativity!

All in all, Energizer had achieved more than they targeted in spite of lack of ground activities or roadshows!